StriveCast products and use cases

Summary of the StriveCast product portfolio and application cases

StriveCast Analytics

With StriveCast Analytics, you can measure and monitor the performance of a media stream, keep track of your audience, and their quality of service in realtime or after the live event.

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StriveCast Analytics Product Data Sheet

StriveCast OTT

StriveCast OTT is our Peer-2-Peer media delivery solution for reducing live streaming and video on demand network traffic while also protecting the distributing server from peaks and ensuring an excellent service quality for your audience. 

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StriveCast OTT Product Data Sheet

StriveCast Enterprise

StriveCast Enterprise uses the same Peer-2-Peer technology as StriveCast OTT, but it is highly optimized for the use as an eCDN. It works together with enterprise video platforms like Kaltura and also supports Microsoft Stream.

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StriveCast Enterprise Product Data Sheet