Navigation in StriveCast Analytics

This article describes the navigating buttons in StriveCast Analytics.

To provide an easy interface for navigating through your data, we use a couple of easy buttons and selectors found on top of every data view of the dashboard. We call this the data navigation bar:

Title selector

Let’s you select between different stream titles.

Interval selector

This selector can be used to choose between different time resolutions, which influence all graphs on the page, plotting values against time.

The smaller interval you select, the lower the difference in time between two data points on the graphs. Notice that in some selected date ranges, not all intervals are available. The sheer amount of data points and especially their density would cause the visualization to be unusable.

Zooming in and out

To narrow or widen the selected time interval, you can make use of two simple functions. You could either use the minus and plus buttons in the data navigation bar or perform a small mouse gesture inside any graph. To select a subinterval inside a chart, just click the left mouse key and drag the colored selection area to the desired end. After you release the left mouse key, all graphs on the page will adjust to that selected subinterval.


Sharing a data view of a specific time interval is done by clicking the share button in the data navigation bar, which will open the data share modal. You can copy the link from or open the external view in a new window.