Monitoring your first event

This article describes the different dashboards of StriveCast Analytics and how to monitor your first event.

StriveCast Analytics is capable of monitoring your streaming events in realtime. A visual representation of this data can be found on the overview page and in further detail if you navigate to the "Data" section in the main menu.

What is the Overview page?

This page gives you a first quick overview of how your stream is performing. It contains the essential metrics separated into four sections.

Section 1: Overall values

The first bar on the overview page shows the current value of unique users consuming the stream, the all-time maximum amount of unique users, the sum of view-hours of all users, and the current rebuffering ratio.

Use the overall values to get a quick overview of the most relevant metrics.

Section 2: Audience Dashboard

The audience dashboard gives you insights into the number of impressions, the average startup duration, and the number of unique users over time.

Use the audience dashboard to get a quick overview of your audience size and behavior.

Section 3: Rebuffering Dashboard

The rebuffering dashboard displays the rebuffering ratio curve over time and the count of minor and critical incidents caused by the rebuffering events.

Use the rebuffering dashboard to get a quick overview of your stream's performance.

Section 4: Content Dashboard

The content dashboard shows you the number of published streams and their corresponding section 1 values in comparison.

Use the content dashboard to compare your published streams with each other.