Metrics for tracking

This article explains different metrics you can measure with StriveCast Analytics

Metrics are key performance indicators. Every metrics' values can be split up further into dimensions. StriveCast Analytics is capable of measuring many different metrics. Metrics are used to rate your stream's performance and get an insight into your audience, its behavior, and the quality of their experience. To get more information about this topic take a look into our Data Dictionary.

Notice that each metric has its unit of measurement, and therefore they all point out very different performance indicators. Currently, these metrics are available to you:

Unique users

The number of unique tracked end devices.

Page loads

The number of page loads.


The number of player start events.

View hours

The sum of the total played and buffered duration of all tracked end devices in hours.

Rebuffering ratio

The ratio of the total rebuffered duration over the View Hours.

Buffered duration

The distance of the duration of buffered media data from the current playback position in seconds.

Startup duration

The time interval between starting the stream and actual playing back the first media data in seconds.