How to set-up billing, accounting, and payment methods

This article describes how to save your account information and select the payment method of your choice

StriveCast provides free trial plans for all our products. To subscribe to one of our paid plans, you need to provide us with billing information.

Save your account data

If you never entered billing information on our platform before, just select "Billing" from the right sidebar after clicking on your initials in the top right corner of the page.

Inside the "Billing Information" section, click on add to open up the Billing wizard.

To complete billing information, follow the billing wizard to the end and select a payment method. Be aware that if you add a VAT-Number, you will not going to be able to change or delete it afterward without the help of our support. 


Billing information



At the last step of the billing wizard, select the PayPal tab, and click on "Proceed". Now the PayPal popup will open. You can find help for PayPal here. After you completed the PayPal authorization, you can finish the billing wizard by clicking on "Finish".


Credit card

At the last step of the billing wizard, select the credit card tab and just enter the cards number and expiration date followed by a click on "Finish" as soon as the given input is valid.


Invoice list

We list all your invoices on the billing page inside the "Invoices" section. To download an invoice, click on the corresponding icon in the "Download" column.