Compatibility and Interfaces

This article summarizes the compatibility of StriveCast with different platforms, devices, operating systems, browsers, players, and protocols.

StriveCast provides libraries for web and native environments.

Here you can find a list of compatibilities for...

Operating systems

There are no restrictions on operating systems as long as browser support is covered.


There are no restrictions on devices as long as browser support is covered.


Browser Version
Chrome     Version 46+
Firefox   Version 22+
Safari       Version 8+
Opera       Version 18+
iOS Safari  Version 11+, ServiceWorker required
Android Chrome Version 46+
Edge   Chromium-based only


StriveCast also provides a locally installable client-software. This client-software will come with full WebRTC capabilities to support older Browsers over even native Players like VLC.

HTML5 Players

StriveCast works with all HTML5-based web players. Strive does not support Adobe Flash. You do not need to use any player-specific plugins. The Client SDK adapts automatically to your HTML5 player setup.

Supported Enterprise Video Platforms (EVPs)

  • Kaltura
  • Xtendx
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Wowza
  • Movingimage
  • WTV
  • 3Q
  • Swisscom
  • Muvi

Native SDKs 

  • Android SDK

Media Protocols

StriveCast OTT and StriveCast Enterprise support HLS and DASH.