Portal v0.43.0 ( RELEASED on 2021-12-13)

Changes since last version:

  • Feature: Add permission cascading for wholesale customers

  • Fix: Prevent completed un-archived webcasts from being edited

Portal v0.42.0 (RELEASED on 2021-12-13)

Changes since last version:

  • Feature: Make JWPlayer public and label it as beta

  • Feature: Support eCDN for Safari & iOS devices (incl. JWPlayer)

  • Feature: Introduce archiving for Webcasts

  • Fix: Make archived Webcasts read-only for non-advanced users

  • Minor: Update Organization names in JIRA when updated

Portal v0.41.1 (RELEASED on 2021-11-19)

Changes since last version:

  • Feature: Add JWPlayer as an alternative player for Webcasts

  • Feature: Extend analytics by location & network grouping

  • Feature: Add re-sync permissions & subscriptions button (Chargebee)

  • Feature: Add sync-permission flag to account model (Chargebee)

  • Feature: Add automatic permissions re-sync on login (Chargebee)

  • Fix: Fix typo in webcasts view

  • Fix: Fix webcast default settings (defaults were not overwriteable)

  • Fix: Point the documentation links to the new pages

  • Fix: Fix long loading time for webcasts view

  • Fix: Prevent end < start IP in Networks & Locations

  • Minor: Remove outdated eCDN Installation Guide

  • Minor: Add minimal Makefile to improve developer experience

  • Refactoring: Move permissions from Portal to go-database