CPU requirements

At least 6 cores

RAM requirements

At least 8 GB

Operating system requirements

Supported operating systems:

  • RHEL (version 7+)

  • CentOS (version 7+)

  • Debian

  • Ubuntu

Other OS might take additional setup and testing effort with additional cost.

Network requirements

Full HTTPS (port 443) connectivity from Peering Manager to:

  • *.strivetech.io

  • *.strivecast.com

Support internal connections to the Peering Manager via WSS/HTTPS

If wildcard whitelisting is not supported, we can provide you with specified domains or IP addresses.

Server authentication requirements

  • SSL certificate for HTTPS

  • Internal DNS entry

OPTIONAL: Access requirements

SSH access would be preferred but is optional. We can also just provide the application while you take care of installation and maintenance.