A silent test is an invisible, simulated webcast event within your corporate network. It gives you the ability to understand your network behavior during large-scale events and to identify bandwidth bottlenecks by using StriveCast Analytics. A Silent Test is an essential part of StriveCast’s POC and customer onboarding process. When deploying StriveCast eCDN, we recommend running at least one Silent Test with StriveCast deployed to verify that your network can reliably deliver the generated data volume.

How does a silent test work?

  1. To run a Silent Test, you need to install the StriveCast Silent Test browser extension for your company’s standard web browser.

  2. Create a Silent Test in the StriveCast portal. Each test contains a Deployment and a time range during which the test should run.

  3. Once installed, the extension will periodically poll our service to check if a Silent Test is scheduled for the current time and date. If not, the extension will go back into waiting mode.

  4. If a Silent Test is scheduled for the time of polling, the browser extension will open an Offscreen-Tab with a website generated by StriveCast. The website will contain nothing but a muted web video player in auto-start mode. This generated website will also include the Deployment, which was configured in the Silent Test in the StriveCast portal. Now, the device acts as a standard webcast viewer without the end-user is required to perform any manual action. The StriveCast deployment will generate network and performance data, which can later be analyzed in the StriveCast portal. As soon as the Silent Test is either paused or done, the browser extension will automatically close the offscreen tab.

How to create and run a Silent Test

To run a silent test, you need to have at least one Deployment in your Account in the StriveCast Portal.

If you don’t have one yet, click on “Create” to add a new one. If you need help with setting up a Deployment, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

Next, go to the Silent tests page in the StriveCast Portal. There, click on “Create” to configure a new Silent Test. You need to give your new Silent Test a name, choose the correct deployment, select a timeframe in which the Silent Test will run and if needed, change the operating systems that will be included in the Silent Test.

Note that the time needs to be given in UTC.

Once created, you can modify your Silent Test, pause it when it’s running, open a player page to view the stream used for the Silent Test, or delete it through the icons in the list of Silent Tests on this page.

You can also see the current status of the Silent Test. The three possible values are:

  • Scheduled - For Silent Tests that are planned to run in the future

  • Testing - A currently running Silent Test

  • Completed - A Silent Test that ran and is finished