This article will provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our service and your personal data.

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GDPR Compliance & Certifications

GDPR Compliance

StriveCast is a European company with headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. We fully comply with EU regulations concerning data protection, as well as with digital rights management.


As of now, we have no certificates like ISO 2700, but we conform to most regulators stated in those. Also, our services run in the Google Cloud Data Center holds multiple certifications as stated here



StriveCast guarantees an uptime of 99.5%!


All of our code repositories are scanned weekly by a service (Dependabot) of our vendor, GitHub, that automatically notifies us about vulnerable versions of the software libraries we use and creates and applies changes automatically if the fixed version has no breaking changes. Otherwise, we review the created change manually and apply further modifications if needed.

Server Location & Server Security

Server Security

Our cloud-based solution utilizes Google Cloud Platform’s network infrastructure and thus their mechanisms to prevent DDos or intrusions. Our services are only reachable through a Google Cloud Platform load balancer. Also, we’re using Google Cloud Platform’s firewall product to limit direct access to the servers.

All of our servers have SSH access restricted to the IP range of Google’s Identity Aware Proxy and logging in as root user is deactivated or with password (key authentication only) in general.

Data Encryption

In transit & at rest: We use TLS-protected protocols for transfer, and our hard disks are AES-256 encrypted.


Frequency: For our cloud-based services daily. The MongoDB is fully backed up once per week and every 6 hours incrementally.

Storage and Access: All backups are stored on Google Cloud Storage and replicated within one Google Cloud region (three data centers). Backups can only be accessed if a user has access to our Google Cloud Platform projects and in the case of MongoDB backups only if a user has access to our MongoDB Atlas project.

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery

Our core services running on Google Cloud Platform are using Google Kubernetes Engine as orchestrator. It ensures that the services are automatically restarted and scaled. The Kubernetes cluster is distributed across two data centers and so are our services.

The MongoDB instance is a three-node cluster that is also distributed across two data centers, it has one write and two read replicas.