Roles & permissions

StriveCast offers a set of pre-defined roles for user management.

StriveCast role


User rights


Has all available permissions for this account and customer accounts.

  • Account settings

  • API management

  • Analytics access

  • Billing management

  • Customer management

  • Deplyoment management


Has permissions to manage deployments, API tokens and custom dimensions of this account.

  • API management

  • Deployment management

Account Manager

Has permissions to create and update customers of this account. This role also grants admin permissions for customer accounts.

  • Customer management

  • Admin role for customer accounts

Billing Manager

Has permissions related to billing.

  • Billing management

Project Manager

Has permission to view Analytics data of this account. This role also grants the same permissions for customer accounts.

  • Analytics access

  • Analytics access for customer accounts

StriveCast also allows you to set custom permissions per user.