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Most services in the StriveCast platform are accessible via API. This page will guide you on which services are available, where to find the API Documentation and how to obtain your API token.


  • Access to the StriveCast web portal

Who should use this document

Developers, who are responsible for making the StriveCast platform services available in a third-party service.


StriveCast currently offers two different APIs:

  • Portal API

  • Analytics Query API

Below you can see an overview of which services can are available for your third-party service.


Available services

Portal API

  • Create Deployments

  • Manage Deployments

  • Delete Deployments

Analytics Query API

  • Pull Analytics Data

Obtaining and managing your API tokens

To access StriveCast services via API, you will require a token for authorization. For this, you will need to log into the StriveCast web portal. Click on your initials in the top-right corner of the portal. Click to API access.

On the following page, you will be able to invoke your portal API tokens. Clicking on the Create button will open the creation modal. You can optionally set an expiration date.

The bottom section of the page will show you your Analytics Query Token. This token can be used to fetch the raw Analytics data for your service.

Documentation of REST API Endpoints

With the recently created API tokens, you can start building your service. For complete documentation of the APIs, please see our Swaggerhub Documentation.

Portal API Documentation

Analytics Query API Documentation